How Multi Level Marketing Work?

The process is very simple. Simply, enroll into Affiliate Program and buy the Multi Level Marketing Membership, share your Affiliate Referral code with others and make them your members and get bonus for your first child and level completion, as :
  1. 注册时或登录后提交的推荐代码将被认证。

  2. 如果提供推荐代码的会员购买了多级会员,则推荐代码被视为有效。

  3. 推荐会员还必须购买多级营销会员资格。

  4. 购买会员后,他/她将成为多层次营销会员。

  5. 如果您是第一位成员,并且已经通过成为两名成员来完成一个关卡,则将向您提供奖金。

  6. 随着成员的成长,您将获得更多的关卡奖励。

MLM Membership

MLM Membership

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